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Jordan ON Canada
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The Jordan Art Gallery as a commercial venue has played a key role in connecting the public with the work of the artists of Niagara. Now in it's third year the gallery continues to bring the public closer to the wealth of creative talent that exists in the region. It is a relationship that benefits the artists and art lovers alike.

The five partners that are the guiding hands behind the Jordan Art Gallery have a close connection with the region and the artists working there. This relationship is reflected in a rich and dynamic collection of contemporary art.

The five partners, Janny Fraser, Joyce Honsberger, George Langbroek, Mori Mccrae and Lillian and Bob Aylesworth are from varied artistic disciplines but they share a respect for each other's ability while maintaining and interest in nurturing the unique creative force that stems from Niagara. Their work is exhibited on an ongoing basis.

Through the Looking Glass  by Janny Fraser - click for a larger viewJanny Fraser has gained a wide reputation for her distinctive work in mosaic and mixed media. She combines imprinted handmade pieces in porcelain with collected objects, from the natural and made world. Her pieces become wondrous microcosms of our vast and staggering universe.

Joyce Honsberger has gained international appreciation for her fiber and metal space sculptures. Her mobiles are a visual music of intense color and movement as well as a. strong spiritual response to the rhythms of the earth and wonders of the cosmos.

Click on image for larger viewGeorge Langbroek is a skilled printmaker, refitting a classic technique to his exploration of themes that relate to the human condition. His dense layering of figurative imagery has gained him the distinction of one of the few artists that consistently uses the figure to express his ideas.

Mori McCrae is a discerning portrait painter, known for her ability to capture a strong physical presence as well as the underlying spirit of her subjects.

Bob and Lillian Aylesworth have been designing and creating hand made silver jewellery for over 25 years. Their pieces have a strong presence and are characterized by a tremendous sense of flare and panache. They also produce a line of distinctive and affordable handmade designs.

Our Feature Shows will continue this year with exciting new work in our new location beside On the Twenty Restaurant in Jordan Village, Ontario.


Jordan Village Art Gallery Jordan Ontario Canada

3845 Main Street, Jordan ON Canada | Phone: 905-562-6680

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