Workplace Safety Group provides high quality training programs that meet and exceed Occupational Health & Safety guidelines.

We have assimilated programs from well respected, accredited sources and created custom courses and workshops to meet client needs. These programs and courses are your tools to achieving “due diligence” compliance!

We encourage you to take time to browse our website to select the courses and workshops that manage your health and safety needs.

Workplace Safety Group is here for you! As our maxim states: “Your Safety is Our Expertise”. Take advantage of our program offerings and use our website to discover leading edge and innovative health and safety news, new training products and updated legislative changes as they come into effect!

Our Goals

  • To prevent workplace incidents, injuries, accidents and/or deaths
  • To reduce the severity of accidents
  • To save our clients TIME and MONEY by offering a comprehensive and effective Health & Safety management system

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide crucial Health & Safety education allowing workers, employers and managers to return home safety at the end of each working shift.

Workplace Safety Group
71 King St., Suite 206
St. Catharines, ON
Phone: 905-688-9429

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