Long Beach Pedal (65 km)
Long Beach Pedal - provided by the RNBC

A great ride through the Wainfleet swamps and flat countryside of the southwestern Niagara Region, it provides the opportunity for a stop halfway at the lovely Long Beach conservation area and beach! Just the thing on a hot summer day! Then fly back to Welland with the prevailing winds, for a barbeque on the banks of the Old Welland Canal. Thanks to the RNBC for providing this map.

Niagara is one of Canada's undiscovered cycling meccas. There's so much to see and do here, and even better, there are great places to ride! Click below for information on cycling in Niagara!

Some of the information presented on this site involves various routes and trails that many Niagara Cyclists use everyday. We can not take any responsibility for any accidents that may happen when using these routes. As always, ride responsibly!

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