Niagara Cycling Maps

When it comes to cycling, Niagara has it all! Whether you are looking for flat, country roads or something more challenging (hey, climbed the escarpment lately?), the Niagara region offers something for everybody.

This section profiles some of the more popular places to ride in Niagara. While efforts have been made to provide accurate descriptions and directions, we can not be responsible for actual road or trail conditions that may be encountered. All information is used at your own risk. Please ride responsibly!

Loop #1: Fort Erie Loop (60 km)

Loop #2:  Grimsby Mountain Loop (38 km)

Loop #3:  Long Beach Pedal (65 km)

Loop #4:  Niagara Falls Loop (29 km)

Loop #5: Niagara-on-the-Lake (43 km)

Loop #6: Port Robinson Loop (27 km)

Loop #7: South Niagara Falls Loop (30 km)

Loop #8: Lincoln Loop (40 km)

Loop #9: St. Catharines Loop (39km)

Loop #10: The Louth Loop (24 km)

Loop #11: Ridgeway Ramble (70 km)

Loop #12: Thorold-Welland Loop (57 km)

The Regional Niagara Bicycling Committee has generously provided many of the above maps for use on the Cycle Niagara! website.

Niagara is one of Canada's undiscovered cycling meccas. There's so much to see and do here, and even better, there are great places to ride! Click below for information on cycling in Niagara!

Some of the information presented on this site involves various routes and trails that many Niagara Cyclists use everyday. We can not take any responsibility for any accidents that may happen when using these routes. As always, ride responsibly!

Niagara Cycling Family

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