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Firewalking creates empowerment, a state of being in which you are deeply in touch with the connections between your mind, body and soul. That can purify your body and increase vitality. It shows you the vastness of human potential and the potent power of intent. It provides an unforgettable visual image to accompany your thoughts and beliefs. And most importantly, it helps you to shift the energy of fear.

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Caleb Booker's
Firewalk Thoughts

Firewalking Glasswalking Rebar Bending Arrow Breaking

"Following the class I was happy, excited, felt great, and was like that was sooooo cool....can't wait to firewalk, and I thought that was it. The following day . . . I am naturally, effortlessly breathing full deep unobstructed breaths . It feels amazing . . . euphoric . . . I feel freer . . . like something that was like a ball of blocked energy had been let go. It is gone. What a gift, thank you so much, I am blessed."

with love A.W.

". . . the Firewalk workshop helped us demonstrate the true potential we have when we believe in ourselves. Once we decide to tuly love and support ourselves . . . the Universe opens up and says you are never alone. I would like to thank Heather and Firewalk Niagara for assisting me in further realizing the power of me and the support that is available when we ask for it.


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