We are the ONTARIO MASTER DISTRIBUTOR for the aquacore® ultra-filter.

aquacore® - The Whole Home Ultra-Filtration System

Until now, the only way to effectively protect an entire home from waterborne contaminants has been whole house Reverse Osmosis. In this day of water shortages and mandated water rationing, Reverse Osmosis is not always a practical solution.

We would like to introduce you to aquacore® Whole Home Ultra-Filtration.

The aquacore® ultra-filter removes impurities as small as .015 microns* from the source water. Now, your family can have continuous, crystal clear safe water at every faucet, water consuming appliance, and shower head in the home. It uses very little water during the flush cycle and does not add chemicals to the household water. aquacore® ultra-filter will extend and improve the performance of other water treatment equipment in the home, such as water softeners or small POU systems whose pre-filters then become unnecessary*.

aquacore® Technology

Inside aquacore® ultra-filter's pressure vessel is a network of hollow fibers that reduce microbiological contaminants in the water. aquacore® ultra-filter's patented multi-bore technology is very effective because there are seven capillaries in every fiber, making the fibers stronger and more efficient. The aquacore® ultra-filter's inside out filtration process is superior to most hollow fiber products in that concentrated contaminants trapped on the inside surface of the capillary walls are easily removed by high velocity flushing.

This inside-out filtration process assures continuous, effective cleaning and assures the longest possible life of the system.

High purity at high flow rates .  . . aquacore® ultra-filter reduces turbidity, cysts, bacteria and some viruses from the source water. aquacore® ultra-filter delivers this level of water quality at flow rates up to 10 gpm with very low pressure drop.

Very little water wasted . . . Unlike Reverse Osmosis systems that send over twice as much water to drain than they purify, aquacore® ultra-filter is very efficient. For a typical home, aquacore® ultra-filter can use as little as 2 gallons of water per day to flush the module clean.

The right kind of water . . . While reducing turbidity, harmful cysts and bacteria, aquacore® ultra-filter leaves in any beneficial minerals. It does not reduce TDS, so there are no corrosion of piping, or leaching issues.

Self-maintaining system . . . aquacore's® easy-to-program Meter/Controller determines when to flush the module and how much water to use in the process. It's so smart, it knows when household water has not been used and initiates a brief flush to keep the module performing at its best.

Meets all plumbing codes . . . With 1" fittings at the inlet and outlet, aquacore® ultra-filter meets all plumbing codes.

Aqueduct Water Solutions is the Ontario distributor for the aquacore® ultra-filter.

Call them today at 905-714-1621 or drop into their store at 440 Niagara St. in Welland to learn more about this revolutionary system!!

Note: Sales and Service of the aquacore® ultra-filter is available through our Welland location only.

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