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Rachel Hill-CampbellThe Personal Optical Story

Founded in 2004 by Rachel Hill-Campbell, Personal Optical began as a mobile eyewear business.  Not only is Rachel an expert in selecting eyeglasses that enhance facial qualities, she helps her customers find glasses which meet their needs. She can help everyone look and see their best!

Rachel has over 15 years of optical experience in the Niagara Region. She is a licensed Optician in Ontario and a Director of the Opticians Association of Canada. Her experiences at Sears Optical and The Vision Clinic allow her to better understand her customer's needs.

Her formal training was as an Optician under her late father, Hans Hill. Working with him, she learned what customer service really means as well as many tricks of the trade. He shared his decades of experience, but most importantly his love for helping people see better. Rachel specializes in pediatric and geriatric fittings and provides delivery services to those with mobility issues.

Personal Optical's Products

Rachel stays constantly informed of new products that are available on the market. Every year she visits trade shows in Toronto and New York City to stay on top of the new styles that are up and coming. Be ahead of the game - don’t wear yesterday's styles.

Ziggy Eyewear from New York's Vision Expo 2014What are you really buying?

Think you're getting a deal at other places?  Well, that frame you might be about purchase might be discontinued. That means should your eyewear break, you're in trouble! When frames become discontinued Rachel tells her reps to remove them from the boards. Personal Optical doesn’t carry items that can't be replaced under our one year warranty.

Newest Technology

Like style - lens technology is always changing. Try the newest in High Definition lenses. Single Vision and No-line bifocals that give the vision of HD technology. Flatter and fewer distortions give you a clearer picture of life. 

Unique Products

Personal Optical brings you items not found at other optical stores. We find useful items such as sunwear for Baby and the family pooch. Motorcycle goggles, swim goggles, and children's sports glasses. What will we find next? Come in and find out!

Tremont Plaza, St. Catharines | Phone: 905-227-9937 | Email: Click Here | Website:

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