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A few changes...

Mark Kawabe - Saturday, July 09, 2011

Just wanted to let you know about a few changes in The Niagara Guide's services.

We've recently added self-management to company information. Anyone who wants to add their business for free (name, address, phone number) can now do so and can also update their information themselves. Just register for our client portal to do this.

Because of the above change, we'll be phasing out some, but not all of our static free listing pages. Why? Well, when you consider how many companies are in Niagara, it's a lot of work to keep the database updated. For the most part, we'll only be providing information that was submitted to us. There will be some popular categories that will have listings inputted by our staff. We're not going to spam everyone in the region to get them to add their listings - but we certainly encourage you to tell your friends and colleagues to add their businesses to our directory.

Press releases can now be submitted directly in .txt, .doc or .pdf format to us. Again, visit the client portal to register and submit your press releases.

There are more changes coming to our forums in the next few weeks. Never a dull moment here. Enjoy your weekend!


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