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Customer Service Success Story

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This is the face of customer service

I'm talking about the guy to the left :)

The fellow in the center of this pic is Steven Turner, the Sales Manager at Tbooth wireless in the Pen Centre.The other happy guy to the right is me (but you knew that, right?).

If you've had your fill of feel-good testimonials about awesome customer service, you can stop reading here.

I had been a Rogers wireless customer for 9 years and 11 months. It seemed like time for a change. Any parallels to any particular governing party being in power for a decade and Canadians feeling it's time for a change is a complete coincidence.

The only reason I went to Tbooth initially was because they represent Rogers, Bell, Virgin, Fido and a couple of other providers. I thought it would save time compared to going to every wireless kiosk in the Pen Centre.

There's a reason Steven's the sales manager. It's because he's awesome with people, product knowledge and has incredible patience. He also understands customer service.

He walked me through various plans from Rogers, Virgin and Fido. We switched four phones from Rogers to Fido because of Steven's comprehensive information and ability to find the best value for us among the myriad plans available.

Most impressive to me though was that I had done most of the shopping for the phone on Wednesday but didn't have time to make the switchover that night. I went back Thursday but also didn't have the time. Steven heard I was coming in on Friday and despite the fact it was his day off, he came in to make sure he could take care of our switchovers. More than that, when I mentioned my son would be in Toronto without service if we did the switchover right then, Steven said he would wait for us to text him later and he would take care of the activation once we gave him the okay to do so.

I have never experienced such good customer service in any telecom-related transaction so wanted to share what I felt was an awesome experience and give Steven some recognition for his actions. If you're in the market for a new phone plan, phone or accessory, I highly recommend visiting Steven and his team at Tbooth in the St. Catharines Pen Centre.

BTW, the photo above is the first photo ever taken on my new LG G3 smartphone. Thank you Steven!!!


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