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Earth Day 2016

Mark Kawabe - Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day! My wish for this year is for action. Not for wishes, platitudes, or grand ideas.

As a society, we don't live in harmony with each other, much less the other organisms that we share the earth with. The natural systems we coexist with are what allow us to survive and thrive. We can do better than we've done in the past.

That's my personal goal - to do better - to improve my interactions with my environment, to work on minimizing negative impacts I make, and to educate myself and others on things we can do to protect and enhance Niagara's natural wealth.

I hope you will make it your goal as well. If enough of us do, I believe we can create more livable, sustainable communities. That's a worthwhile goal I hope everyone can move toward.

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