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Lying Niagara Jam Makers

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, August 01, 2013

If you've driven to Niagara-on-the-Lake, I'm sure you've seen the sign along the side of Niagara Stone Road with a little cart advertising 27 types of jams.

They're lying.

They make 36 types.

On average, they sell more than 10,000 jars of jam a year.

The guy who makes the jam made six batches of 54 bottles yesterday. By hand. Usually he stops at five batches but yesterday was a good day.

They use a ton of fruit and 1/3 the sugar compared to store-bought jam.

People from Toronto often buy a couple of jars the first time they drive by. Then they come back for a case.

I didn't know this until I stopped by to look at the 27 varieties only to find out how I've been deceived all these years.

Some years, they've made 40 varieties.

So why 27? "Because the owner likes the number 27" said his partner-in-deceipt.

Go figure. I haven't had any of this jam - yet - but I will soon.

What a great story : )


No Very

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