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Plenty of DRAMA to Share

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seriously. Please. Save it for someone else.

This request goes out to all:

  • Politicians
  • Media outlets
  • Marketers
  • Teenagers and adults who haven't figured out how to act like an adult
  • Business naysayers and other dream killers
  • People with too much time on their hands

Life has its challenges. It's more challenging for some than for others. It's more challenging for many others who aren't fortunate enough to live in Canada.

We're lucky to live where we are and to have what we have. Regardless of the government or corporations or the Illuminati or people-who-we've-chosen-to-be-afraid of or whoever else the bogeyman is today.

We are fortunate. We have the power to help ourselves, our neighbours and our community. With power comes responsibility.

Oh yeah - go vote.


No Very

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