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Seeking Niagara Success Stories

Mark Kawabe - Monday, October 06, 2014

Mark Kawabe's looking for Niagara Success Stories!Hi! I'm Mark Kawabe from The Niagara Guide.

This coming Wednesday (October 8th), I'm speaking at the Fonthill Rotary Club's morning meeting. 

Part of my talk is about Niagara's success stories.

I have a bunch already, but I'm looking for more.

What kind of stories of success?

Any kind you're willing to share with me (and the world). No names (unless you want to use them). I'll be video recording this talk and it will probably wind up if you don't want your success story shared, you've been warned.

Please feel free to post in the comments of my blog post, or to share your story on whatever social media network you happen to encounter this blog post on.

I appreciate any Niagara success stories you can share, and I look forward to sharing the video of the talk with everyone!


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