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Stressed? Have I got a Solution for You!

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, January 28, 2010
How do you feel when you're stressed? Like you just want to scream, yell and whack somebody in the head with a stick? How would you like to do that for real?

Introducing: Kendo: the art of Japanese Fencing. I can't think of another place you'll get to scream until your lungs are empty and whack people in the head with a stick.

Of course, it's rather more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

Kendo is a very good stress reliever. VERY good. After a workout you'll be quivering like jelly with all your stresses replaced, at least for a while, with a comforting sense of calm. During a workout you don't have time to think about your troubles because you'll be focusing on your posture, breathing, footwork, technique and the person who's about to be swinging a stick at your head. There's nothing like the latter to make you focus on the NOW.

For more information, visit the Hayakawa Kendo Club at

Below is an example of sparring in Kendo. Watch for the points!


No Very

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