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Striving for Excellence

Mark Kawabe - Sunday, August 22, 2010

I went out with a relative a few nights ago to The Lazy Lizard. I haven't been there more than a couple of times in the years I've lived in Niagara, but I'd heard they have good chicken wings. I've eaten chicken wings in many places around Niagara, so I was expecting the "usual" when it came to wings.

What a surprise then to find arguably the BEST wings I've had in years. Big. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. At $0.75 a wing they weren't the least expensive wings I've had, but they were 100% worth the price.

As we sat and enjoyed these wings, I thought about the other places I've had wings around Niagara and throughout the GTA. I have had little, tiny dry wings for $0.20 and "average" wings for more than $1.00 per wing at chain restaurants that couldn't hold a torch to what The Lazy Lizard offered. They were truly excellent wings in my opinion.

It got me thinking about what "excellence" is. It's subjective, isn't it? If I think the wings at The Lazy Lizard are excellent, that's fine, but what about for you? You might not like them as much as I do. You might prefer the wings elsewhere. If excellence is subjective, how can you design something that everyone will consider excellent?

I think they key is to follow the internet maxim: Ready. Fire. Aim. As Seth Godin says: Just Ship. Do it, and tweak as you go to make it better and better over time.

What are you doing to aim for excellence today?


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