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I hope you have much to be grateful for

Mark Kawabe - Monday, October 12, 2015

An attitude of gratitude seems to be something we have to cultivate in ourselves and our children.

As Canadians, we are fortunate to have so much. As individuals, we have opportunities and resources available to us that others can only dream of. It's important to me to recognize those things in my daily life. Even when things aren't particularly going my way, having an attitude of gratitude seems to put things into perspective.

A few reflections on this from the weekend.

We were headed to Toronto on Friday afternoon to pick up my son and his university friend before heading up to my in-laws near Lindsay. Nearing Toronto we got stuck in traffic jams. Twice. We were already running late due to some technical issues with a switchover from one cellular phone carrier to another. It would have been easy to get stressed out. But, stepping back and looking at things through a lens of gratitude, a different perspective opened up.

  • Stuck in Traffic Jam - fortunate to have a car and to live in a society with such a developed highway infrastructure
  • Had to grab a bite to eat on the run - grateful to have the resources available to do so 
  • Delayed due to technical issues - yes, but we now have new cell phones and are paying less, and hey, when I was a kid we didn't even have cell phones
  • Crappy traffic while picking up son & university friend - yes, but then again, we're fortunate to have the resources to be able to send him to university
  • Had to travel three hours+ to get to in-laws - glad to have parents and relatives who are still living

It is easy to take everything around us for granted and then complain when things "go wrong". Sometimes it seems the ability to appreciate what we have is under-utilized, as demonstrated by our individual and collective behaviours. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to focus our attention on gratitude and to celebrate the bounty of the harvest and the relative riches we have as individuals and as a society.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and carry an attitude of gratitude with you throughout the year.


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