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Niagara Events Calendar

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Event organizing is enough of a challenge, but getting the word out can be even tougher.

We'd like to make that a tad easier with our Niagara Events Calendar.

Visit it online at

Yes, I know. It's ANOTHER event calendar. Why should you bother, especially when you can put your event on Facebook for free?

There are a few things that set our calendar apart.

It Lets People Plan Ahead

If you let us know about your event several months before it happens, we will have it posted on our event calendar for several months. Yes, I know, you can do the same on Facebook and Twitter, but those platforms will ultimately bury news of your event. Our calendar lets you add your event early for additional exposure.

We Post Events Multiple Times to Social Media

Most of the time when you add an event to a social media stream, it gets posted once. We use our posting software to post notifications in our social media streams multiple times before the event. Usually a few weeks in advance, then two weeks, then one week, then the week of, then the day of.

It's Human Monitored

I like automation, but I also hate automated spam crap submitted to our events listings. Everything that goes online in our calendar gets looked at by a human. Sometimes we even add (and hopefully improve) upon what you've submitted to us.

You Can Add Photos Too!

Yep. Just send us the photos and we'll add them.

It's Free

Yes, it's free. You just need a free account with The Niagara Guide to add your event to our calendars. Click here to create an account.

We want to help you promote your events. Please help us help you :)

A few caveats:

This is a free service. There may be delays as we take care of our paying customers. And yes, we're human. Sometimes things can get missed. We do our best to put events online as quickly as possible. If yours hasn't shown up after a few days, feel free to remind us!


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