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Niagara's Most Interesting People

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Interesting Oranges

Who do you think is the most interesting person you know in Niagara?

I'd love to meet them!

I'm on a mission to learn more about Niagara, and I think the best way to do that is to meet more interesting people. To do that, I need your help.

I would appreciate it if you could please let me know who you think are the most interesting people you know. There's only a couple of criteria.

  1. They must be current residents of Niagara. (Sorry James Cameron!)
  2. They must be someone you think would be willing to be interviewed by me.

That's it :)

If you have a few names in mind, please click here to fill out our nomination form.

I'm excited to meet interesting people and share their stories!

Thanks in advance!

Click Here for the Nomination Form


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