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Recess From Responsibility

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, October 06, 2010

This caught my attention on Facebook.

Really - a "recess from responsibility"?

Isn't there enough of that going around already?

Nobody's responsible for anything.

Kids can hand in their homework late or not at all. They don't have to know how to read to graduate.

"No child left behind" means even the worst-performers can stay with their peer groups and fail all the way through the system.

Everybody gets a trophy even though they're on the losing team. Kids get ribbons just for showing up. A reward for just being there and breathing. How nice. Don't you feel better kid?

What's going to happen when something "real" happens to these kids, like they're rejected from university or college because their grades are too low? That they can't get or keep a job because they never developed a strong work ethic? Can you say "Do you want fries with that"?

I say there's already a dearth of responsibility in our society. Somebody or a group of somebodies is responsible for everything that goes right or wrong. Acknowledge that responsibility.

Take ownership of your work.

Feel some pride about who you are or what you do when you do things right. 

Acknowledge when you screw up and make sure you fix the problem as best you can and learn from your mistakes - and we all make mistakes.

Everything that's good or bad in your life has one consistent characteristic: you

Take responsibility for your life.


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